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Tuming Lee Studios | Home

Tuming Lee Studios “TLS” is a publishing company that specializes in the development of children’s literature that is tailor made for the education market. The books they make are mostly originally written in Setswana but are translated into English and other African and non-African languages in order to reach a diverse group of readers.

The company was established in September 2009, and has been in operation for quite some time now. When the company started, it operated as a language agency that offered translation services in order to generate the level of capital needed to produce bright and colourful multilingual books. This objective was realized just over a year after the company came into existence. For now, the company is only producing children-based literature and may later diversify into business and self-help books.

Their translations’ client list spans across 5 continents - a technological firm in Egypt, a family radio station in the US, a cosmetics multinational in France, a pharmaceutical company in the UK and a translations company in China. All of these international sales resulted from positive referrals.

Their growth in international translations accelerated at a much more rapid pace that they had initially planned. As a result, they quickly responded by giving this portion of the business more resources and marketing attention.

Furthermore, in March 2013, the company added an entrepreneur magazine, KICKSTART to its already impressive portfolio. The magazine which is on sale nationwide through CNA and other retail stores, will offer the necessary skills development and information to a market that has not had access to this information before. By doing this, the publication hopes to inspire young entrepreneurs from a previously disadvantaged arena into becoming the engine room of the economy.
TLS was selected the top two service sector business in the whole of Africa during the Africa SMME Awards 2012 and was also runner up in the dti Technology awards 2012, for the Best Performing  Technology Transfer (TT) intervention.

The France-South Africa Seasons 2012 & 2013 are an initiative conceived and facilitated by the governments of the two countries to give the people of France and South Africa an opportunity to understand each other better through cultural, scientific, sport, education and business engagement.

The French Season in South Africa runs from June to November 2012 and comprises more than 100 exhibitions, performances, film screenings, literary events, workshops, conferences and round tables.

The South African Season in France will take place in the second half of 2013.