Dikeledi Magongoa: Author

Biography/About the Writer

Mrs. Dikeledi Magongoa is a retired teacher with over 30 years primary and high school language teaching experience. She was also Head of the Departments of Setswana, Afrikaans and English Languages in her 13 years of high school teaching. She holds an Honours Degree in Setswana from the University of Pretoria. She works as a freelance translator and writer for various publishers, broadcasters and non-profit organisations.

Mrs. Magongoa is also a board member of Bagodi Social Club - NPO programme aimed at imparting dress making and needle working skills to senior citizens (grandmothers) in the Hammanskraal area thereby empowering them to raise the cash necessary to take care of the needs of their families When not translating and writing, every Friday, Mrs. Magongoa volunteers her time at the Temba Community Library, reading stories to kids as well as teaching them how to read, write and speak Setswana fluently.

Mrs. Dikelediís book - Notshe, Kubu le Ntsi also known as The Bee, The Hippo &The Fly was awarded a community publishing grant in 2010, by Centre for the Book, a division of the National Library of South Africa.