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by a gas chromatography–photoionisation detector (GC-PID)

The interference of tetrachloromethane in the measurement of benzene in the air by a gas chromatography–photoionisation detector (GC-PID)

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VOC Detector Chosen for Demanding Hydrocarbon Emission

The article evaluates the PhoCheck Tiger photoionisation detector (PID) HONG KONG TEACHERS' CENTRE Looking for a Different Library? Enter a

a plurality of pulsed rare gas photoionization detectors -

A pulsed discharge photoinoization detector is set forth which comprises a plurality of closed chambers for receiving different types of carrier gas flowing

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Using a Pulsed Discharge Helium Photoionization Detector:

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First results from the HMPID detector in the ALICE experiment

The ALICE HMPID detector has been designed to identify charged hadrons (rho, K, p) in the momentum range 1 Do you want to read the rest of this

Design of Infrared Detector Based on Bang-Bang and PID

Temperature Control System Design of Infrared Detector Based on Bang-Bang and PID Control An infrared detector is the core component of a spaceborne

Analytics Guard 2 PID Fixed Detector for VOC's

A fixed photoionization detector (PID), the Guard 2 PID measures a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Guard 2 PID provides an

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doi:10.1109/GLOCOM.2018.8647736GLOBECOM 2018 - 2018 IEEE Global Communications ConferenceMustafa OzmenEamonn KennedyJacob RosePratistha ShakyaChristopher Ros


The MICE PID Detector System.M. Rayner and M. Bonesini, "The MICE PID Detector System," pp. 1164-1166. Proc. 1st Int. Particle Accelerator Conf

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SOP is to describe the procedures for the operation, calibration, and maintenance of the Sentex Scentogun portable photoionization detector (PID)

The photoionization detector

ABSTRACT The photoionization detector (PID) is being developed for the detection of low centrations of oil in the carbon dioxide coolant of gas-cooled

for system change detection and classification in a PID

Development of a neural network model for system change detection and classification in a PID control system . CT,,

by a gas chromatography–photoionisation detector (GC-PID)

This study shows that the simultaneous presence of benzene and tetrachloromethane causes a significant decrease in GC–photoionisation detector (GC-PID)

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Commissioning and First Running Experiences with the TOP Barrel PID Detector in the Belle II ExperimentThe Time of Propagation (TOP) detector is a novel

Additivity of detector responses of a portable direct-reading

portable direct-reading 10.2 eV photoionization detector and a flame ionization gas chromatograph for atmospheres of multicomponent organics: use of PID/FID

of thermoelectric cooler in infrared axletree detector

Feng Xiaowei Zhang hong Nong Shimeng Bi Fangyong,.FUZZY-PID control of thermoelectric cooler in infrared axletree detector.[J];,2006-34

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In order to assure that the Scientific-Atlanta PID remapping issue is addressed, if the selective encryption encoder 114 is configured to operate with a

Study of a trigger in p-p events for the HMPID detector in

201141-The ALICE-HMPID detector extends the PID capabilities in the central rapidity region of the ALICE central detectors (ITS, TPC, TOF), by iden

Photoionization detector for gas chromatography

An improved photoionization detector has a sweep gas inlet which is used to introduce sweep gas near the window of the detector's ultraviolet lamp. The

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Evaluation of the identification efficiency of the ALICE HMPID detector in p-p collisions at √s = 7 TeV by means of V0 decays

Apparatus for Radical Detection in Plasmas by Photoionization

Apparatus for Radical Detection in Plasmas by Photoionization Mass SpectrometryIn thin-film deposition by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), neutral radicals ar