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on the Lightning Impulse Breakdown in SF6 / N2 Mixtures |

SF6 / N2 mixtures (1 to 20 % of SF6), over a pressure range of 0.1 MPa to 0.5 MPa for gaps of 5 mm to 80 mm with rod diameter of 0

at a gas/solid interface in a 10 % SF6/N2 mixture stressed

Simulation of prebreakdown phenomena at a gas/solid interface in a 10 % SF6/N2 mixture stressed by very fast transient voltages. In: IEEE

of Small Current Using N2/SF6 Gas Mixtures | SpringerLink

Recently, the study for replacing SF6 gas that is one of the potent greenhouse gases by N2/SF6 gas mixture has been advanced in the gas insulated

research on surface discharge in SF6/N2mixture gas -

Read "Research on dielectric characteristics of SF6/N2 gas mixtures based on FEM-FCT" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly

Point Plane Discharge Development in SF6/N2 Mixtures

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Yasuhiro Maeda's 2 research works with 14 citations and 26 reads, including: Application problems of N2/SF6 mixtures to gas-insulated bus. Yasuhiro Maeda


Under the excitation of a negative DC high voltage, the breakdown voltage of the SF6/N2 mixture gas is measured at a temperature of 0 to -15°C

measurements of resolved rotational transitions for He+N2,

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Molecular beam time of flight measurements of resolved rotational transitions for He+N2, CO, and CH4 collisions | Using an

SF6/N2 Mixtures Basic and HV Insulation Properties | NIST

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Pure SF6 and SF6-N2 mixture gas hydrates equilibrium and

The kinetics of SF6-N2 mixture gas was controlled by the amount of SF6 at the initial gas composition as well as N2 gas incorporation into the S-

growth in supercooled flows of SF6/N2 and UF6/N2 mixtures

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The possible use of dilute SF6/N2 mixtures as an alternative to pure SF6 for some of industry's insulation needs (albeit at higher pressure) is

SF6, SF6/N2 (10 : 90 and 5 : 95) mixtures in the presence

SF6 and SF6/N2 (10 : 90) mixtures which have already been the occurrence of spang in electrical devices, especially along



Katunori Watabe's research works | Himeji Institute of

Katunori Watabe's 8 research works with 16 citations and 17 reads, including: Creeping flashover characteristics in (N2/SF6) gas mixture under pulse

CO2, N2, and SF6 Gases, and CO2–SF6 and N2–SF6 Mixtures

This paper is devoted to a comparison study of the breakdown voltage of CO2, N2, and SF6 gases, and CO2–SF6 and N2–SF6 mixtures under different

Strength and Insulation Property of SF6/N2 Mixtures for

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Wang Jia's 2 research works with 1 citations and 13 reads, including: Dynamic Characteristics of SF6-N2-CO2 Gas Mixtures in DC Discharge Process. Wang

Interactions for He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, H2, O2, N2, CH4, SF6,

International journal of research in physical chemistry and chemical physics Editor-in-Chief: Rademann, Klaus 12 Issues per year

Temperature variations in an SF6-N2 mixture arc plasma - PDF

Nous We A Revue Phys. Appl. 22 (1987) NOVEMBRE 1987, 1411 Classification Physics Abstracts 52.80M 52.25L Temperature variations in an SF6N2 mixture

e-cigré > Publication > N2/SF6 Mixtures for Gas Insulated

The brochure presents the insulating properties of N2/SF6 mixtures, and the techniques for using such mixtures in gas insulated lines (GIL). Since the


Daiyo Shibutani's 2 research works with 5 citations and 21 reads, including: Impulse Creepage Discharge Propagation Mechanisms in N2/SF6 Gas Mixtures. Dai


G.D. Theophilus's 4 research works with 31 citations and 14 reads, including: FLASHOVER STUDIES IN SF6-N2 MIXTURES USING DIRECT APPLIED VOLTAGES. G.D


In the case of N2‐SF6 mixtures the theoretical effective ionization coefficients were consistent with those obtained experimentally by Itoh et al. [J

Formations of negative ions in Sf6/N2 mixtures and their

(CD) in N2 with small admixture of SF6; was studied using the ionmixtures were determined (2.43 cm2/V s for HF2– (HF)n, 2.32

YTC4620-06L SF6-

I Coll's 8 research works with 120 citations and 67 reads, including: Decomposition of high-pressure (400 kPa) SF6 and SF6/N2 (10:90) mixtures

N2/SF6 gas Mixtures — Large Scale Application in Gas-

The application of N2/SF6 gas mixtures with SF6-contents between 10 % and 20 % reduces the costs for the insulating gas remarkably. This is of great

Decomposition Properties of Epoxy Resin in SF6/N2 Mixture

As a promising alternative for pure SF6, the mixture of SF6/N2 appears to be more economic and environment-friendly on the premise of maintaining similar